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M4M Reviews

Jimmy - Toronto

Review #1, 08/27/2007

Name:       Jimmy
Location: Toronto
Email:       luka99@gmail.com
Phone:      416-469-8144
Website:   http://www.thegaymalebody.com

Ethnicity: Caucasian   Age: 20's
Height: 5'11" (180 cm)   Weight: 150-160 lbs (68-73 kg)   Build: Average
Eyes: Hazel   Hair: Short Light Brown
Cock: Cut 8-9" (20-22 cm) Average
Smoking: Light   Drinking: Yes   

Orientation: Bi   Calls: In/Out
Roles: Escort
Anal: Versatile   
Rates for time only (CAN $): 1st=200   2nd=200   

Date: 13/2007   Type: Weekend   Where: Thunder Bay   Rate: 1200
Rating: Not recommended   Hire Again? No
Where Found? Other Website   Which: Thegaymalebody
Reviewed Before?    Match Description? No   Lived up? No

I hired Jimmy to travel with me from Thunder Bay to Toronto. He was excited about seeing that part of the province, and gave me what should have been a very good deal. We met at the airport then went for a meal. We decided to watch a movie, and about two hours after meeting him he started text messaging and reading emails. He did this regularly during the weekend. After the movie we went to the motel which is in a small tourist town. He changed his cloths and climbed into bed fully clothed, with the clothing that he wore the next day. I managed to take his clothing off, and tried to engage in some activity, but he just laid there like a dead fish, and did nothing. He told me the next night would be different and it was.

He changed his cloths, and watched Nancy Grace, and CSI on TV. I gave up, and just went to sleep. He is a lot thinner than in his adds, and has lost a lot of muscle mass. He is not physically fit, and cannot keep up to me when we walked to various places. We did some hiking, and sightseeing, but I decided not to show him any places the last day of the trip, and just headed to Toronto as fast as I could. He advertises as being 8.5 inches but is more like 7 or less. He is so thin that I was almost sick when I saw him with his shirt off. His legs are very thin, and have very little muscle. Talking with him I guess would be similar to having a conversation with Bevis and Butthead. He has adds on various sites, and in various Canadian and American cities. He goes by the names of Jimmy, Jimmy19, Jimmy69, and used to use his real name Luka xxxxxxxx. You can see him in a video which is advertised in His First Huge Cock, under his real first name Luka. If you see his adds don't take them seriously, he is nothing like what he advertises.

Handle: Louis
Submissions: First Review

You: 56 years old 5'10" 145 pounds. I ride bike daily, and am very healthy. I have a basically smooth body, with just some hair on the chest which I shave off when I see escorts.