October 15th, 2018

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Coverboy Mark Tunnel of Los Angeles

Mark Tunnel of Los Angeles

Our reviews today include: Mark Tunnel of Los Angeles,  Chuck Bryant of New York City,  Josh of Fort Lauderdale,  Click our Coverboy to see today's reviews. (More)

Working On The Final Draft

By Daddy

Las Vegas, NV — Working on the two way merge of my chapter "Escorting From A Clients Prospective" for the upcoming book release. Thank-you to the Cabana members that critiqued.

By the time you read this it'll be three weeks until the Midterm Elections. If you don't like the events of the last few weeks, this is your chance to give America the course correction that it needs. My sample ballot is in my mailbox. I'm not voting by party, I'll voting by the person and looking at their past performance. We need to strongly support the changes we need in our government, if the LGBTQ community is to retain the hard fought rights that we've achieved over the decades.

Two years ago, The LA Times investigated one of the longest-lingering questions in California politics: Are some voters mistakenly joining a political party when what they really want is to be an electoral free agent? The answer seemed to be yes, with substantial evidence of citizens who thought they were an unaffiliated "independent" voter but instead registered with the American Independent Party. And no, those aren't the same thing.

A poll shows 73% may be in it by mistake. Are you one of them? The national chairman of the party Kelly Gneiting summarized the philosophy of the IAP in four points:
  • Members are inspired by a "love for humanity."
  • God will fight our battles "as we put our faith in him."
  • "We must pray for inspiration in how to proceed" and follow God's ways.
  • Although party politics generally do not have "the solution," the IAP commends citizens and groups for working within this system to bring about change.
You may want to check your registration cards. It'll be important in a few short years.

Thank-you for your donations! We will get a commission for October but it will be only a couple hundred. My reserves are at the 25% level and will be dropping next week. The current projection is that I'll be $500 short for November. Hopefully the Flirt4free commissions will pick up in November. Any help is welcome.

Out.com James Whitside - The Tenant

Ballet Dancer James Whiteside is Trading Vapid Princes For a Descent Into Madness

By Chris Thomas

Broadway — James Whiteside wants to be wicked. It’s a descriptor that might surprise fans of the dancer, who has often played the role of the vapid prince in productions at New York’s American Ballet Theater. (More)

Getting Better: Beatles' 'Sgt. Pepper' Named Top Album in UK

By Associated Press

United Kingdom — The Beatles' psychedelic masterwork "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" has been named the most popular British album in history. (More)

TowelRoad.com Tom Bosworth & Harry Dinely - National Coming Out Day

Gay Olympian Says 50 People Unfollowed Him After He Posted Photo Kissing His Husband

By Staff

Cyberspace — Tom Bosworth, a British track and field Olympian, said he was unfollowed by dozens of people on Instagram after posting a photo for National Coming Out Day in which he’s kissing his husband Harry Dinely. (More)

Gay Cities.com

DJ Drew G talks monster thruples and partying in New Orleans this Halloween

By Staff

New Orleans, LA — Halloween New Orleans (HNO) is the longest-running LGBTQ Halloween event in the country. It’s a full weekend of festivities, including a Friday night black tie black tie fundraiser, Saturday night costume party, and Sunday Tea Dance followed by a second line through the historic French Quarter. (More)

Harry Styles - Raffling Off His Rainbow Shoes

Harry Styles Raffling Off His Rainbow Shoes for LGBTQ Charity

By Brandon Voss

London — The £530 Gucci rainbow horsebit leather loafers, which the former boy bander repeatedly wore last year during his Dunkirk press tour, are being raffled off today in London at an inaugural fundraiser brunch, hosted by Fantastic Man and Blouse founder Geoffrey J. Finch as part of the city’s Pride celebrations. (More)

Craig Revel Horwood Reveals He And His Boyfriend Have Considered Adoption

By Jamie Tabberer

Hollywood — Craig Revel Horwood have opened up about the possibility of starting a family with boyfriend Jonathan Myring. ‘We’ve definitely talked about it and thought about it,’ says the British TV star, before explaining the complexity of the adoption process offputting. (More)

365 Gay Morgan McMichaels - Bedzzlea Her Cast

Drag Race Star Bedazzles Cast After Breaking Hand Punching Nazi

By Daniel Reynolds

Los Angeles, CA — The Drag performer posted a video showing off a glittering cast. "Nothing is gonna stop my magic so I had my cast stoned so it’s stage ready," she exclaimed. (More)