January 18th, 2019

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Coverboy Nick Wood of Atlanta

Nick Wood of Atlanta

Our reviews today include: Nick Wood of Atlanta,  Tyger Bhugatti of Portland,  Budd Cort of Portland,  Click our Coverboy to see today's reviews. (More)

Tit For Tat

By Daddy

Las Vegas, NV — So how long will this tit-for-tat debacle continue before it tears the parties they represent or perhaps even the country apart? We're just about two years away from when they reap what they sowed to thier utter dismay. I am embarrassed for the Unite States, what must the rest of the world think?

To all those that donated thank you! I survived 2018 and have about half of January covered. My reserves are at the 16% level. At this time I have less than a months reserves left. Any help is appreciated.

Out.com Billy Eichner - The Bachelor

Billy Eichner Wants to Be the First Gay Bachelor

By Rose Dommu

Hollywood — Am I the only person who started watching The Bachelor this season because of Bri, who is putting on a fake Australian accent to stand out and became one of the show’s biggest memes ahead of the new season? (More)

Actor Tommy Martinez Talks Playing Bisexual on New Show 'Good Trouble'

By Staff

Hollywood — "Riverdale" actor Tommy Martinez is starring in a new Freeform series called "Good Trouble" where he plays a bisexual graphic designer. He recently opened up about his own sexuality, discussing an encounter with a man. (More)

TowelRoad.com Viktor Pylypenko - Comes Out

Brave Ukrainian Soldier Comes Out and Changes People’s Perceptions

By Savas Abadsidis

Ukrain — We have all faced headwinds coming out. It’s one of our unifying experiences. But despite the challenges we may face in the US, it’s virtually unfathomable to imagine what it’s like to come out in parts of the world that are not only actively hostile towards gay rights; but where the environment is such that LGBT lives have virtually no value. (More)

Gay Star News

Skittles Supports Switchboard Lgbt+ Helpline With Rainbowless Pride Pouch

By Staff

United Kingdom — The confectionery company donated more than £30,000 to support LGBTI people in need through charity Switchboard. (More)

Avan Jogia - New Apocalypse

Avan Jogia and Tyler Posey Share an Explosive Orgasm in “Now Apocalypse” Trailer

By Christopher Rudolp

Hollywood — Gregg Araki is one of the pioneers of queer cinema, having directed indie classics like The Doom Generation and Mysterious Skin. (More)


Comic Jared Goldstein On Hooking Up With The Go-go Dancer After His Show At A Gay Bar

By David Reddish

Cyberspace —There’s an old saying: comedy is cruelty. Maybe that’s why members of subjugated groups have tended to have employed a wicked sense of humor in finding ways to ward off hatred. (More)

365 Gay pantelis - coitus

39 Examples of Young Men In Coitus

By Christopher Harrity

— This simple and efficient concept magazine makes our eyes happy. Coitus magazine founder and photographer Pantelis created the magazine a few years ago. It has the most streamlined of formats: simply an introduction to new talent in the male modeling pool. (More)