August 17th, 2018

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Coverboy Adam Levi of New York City

Adam Levi of New York City

Our reviews today include: Adam Levi of New York City,  Brad #2 of New York City,  Brodie Scott of Chicago,  Christian of Rancho Cucamonga,  Click our Coverboy to see today's reviews. (More)

Working On Bugs...

By Daddy

Las Vegas, NV —.

I have about 5 bugs that are annoying me. I'm going to take the rest of the week to wipe them out of existence.

Remember to vote in November, that's our next chance to start shifting the Government back to the middle or to the left. The Mid-Terms tend to have a light turnout; We can't afford to let this chance to set things right slip through our fingers. I haven't supported the Democrat or Republican parties in several decades so I plan to vote independent. Can you imagine the havoc a three party Congress would have on the Good Ol' Boy network?'

My reserves are at the 25% level and dropping. At the current rate, I have about a month maybe two of reserves left. Every year there is a drought with the Flirt4Free commissions during the summer when everybody is out and about. Usually the fall/winter allows me to restock my reserves and that tends to last the rest of the year. This year between Trump being elected and the SESTA/FOSTA being signed by him the drought has been much more severe. Any help is welcome. CaseyCott-GayBestFriend

Casey Cott Is More Than Your Gay Best Friend

By Matt Collette

Hollywood — It’s a dark, foggy night in a forest on the outskirts of Riverdale and Kevin Keller is cruising. Chiseled men wander through the woods on the hunt for anonymous, small-town sex. (More)

Sad After Sex? It's Not Uncommon

By Staff

Cyberspace — A new report on Postcoital Dysphoria - known by the initials PCD - shows that the affliction, formerly assumed to be mostly experienced by women, is also common among men. (More) Aretha Franklin - RIP

Queen Of Soul Aretha Franklin Dead At 76

By Andy Towle

Bloomfield Hills, MI — Aretha Franklin, the queen of soul whose health had declined rapidly in recent days, has died at 76 at home, her publicist confirmed. (More)

Gay Star News

Majority Of People Think Straight Actors Should Be Able To Play Gay Roles

By James Besanvalle

Cyberspace — A new poll has found a large majority of people believe Straight actors should be able to play Gay roles in movies. The YouGov poll surveyed 3,276 adults residing in Great Britain and found 70% of respondents believed playing Gay is fine. (More)

Ethan Wolfe - Legendary Stud.jpeg

Ethan Wolfe Returns to Biz With 'Legendary Stud'

By JC Adams

San Francisco, ca — Treasure Island Media and New Barbary Coast Distribution are rolling out “Legendary Stud: Ethan Wolfe,” featuring the return of the fan-favorite skin star. (More)

365 Gay

Two New Missouri Schools Have All Gender-Neutral Restrooms

By Trudy Ring

Kansas City, MO — A Kansas City-area school district is taking the gender-neutral route with restrooms in two newly constructed elementary schools. Restrooms in the two new schools in North Kansas City, Mo., which opened Wednesday, have floor-to-ceiling stalls with locking doors to assure student privacy, while there is a shared trough sink in the restrooms’ common area outside the stalls. (More) BlazingHotRedheads.jpg

Blazing Hot Redheads Bare It All For Mouthwatering New Calendars

By David Grant

Cyberspace — The “Red Hot” brand name tells you everything you need to know. For years, they’ve been producing calendars with the hottest gingers to grace the planet, and boy, do they deliver. (More)