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Buenos Aires - 1st Review


Aaron Mark

Las Vegas - 46th Review



San Diego - 31st Review



Toronto - 1st Review



Las Vegas - 2nd Review


August 9th, 2007

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Coverboy Flavio - Buenos Aires

Flavio - Buenos Aires



MaleFlixxx Premieres ‘Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita’

By Joanne Cachaperot

New York — Gay online distributor Maleflixxx and Lucas Entertainment announced today that “Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita” will premiere on the Maleflixxx video-on-demand global network. The movie will be serialized into 10 scenes, with a new scene airing each Saturday from September through October. (More)


Australia May Jail ‘Traffickers’ of Adult Material

By Joanne Cachapero

Canberra, New Zealand —In a move that the New Zealand Herald called “draconian,” legislation was introduced to the Australian Parliament that would allow anyone possessing more than five adult-oriented films or magazines to be arrested for “trafficking” and face up to two years in prison. The ban extends to persons possessing lesser amounts of explicit materials and any violation also will be punishable with fines. (More)


Boy Butter Uses YouTube in New Marketing Venture

By Nate Johnson

Calabasas, Calif.— BBL LLC, maker of the popular Boy Butter lubricant line, has begun posting video seminars at YouTube.com to promote awareness and sales. (More)

365 Gay

All Ready For First Presidential LGBT Forum Rights

By 365Gay.com Newscenter Staff

Los Angeles, Calf. — The podium is ready.  The final sound checks have been made.  The candidates will soon arrive in Los Angeles. And America - especially gay America - is preparing to tune in Thursday night [9pm ET] to the first ever televised forum by presidential candidates exclusively on LGBT issues (More)