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August 20th, 2007

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Coverboy Bryan - Atlanta

Bryan - Atlanta


Planet Out

Ugandan gays: End brutality, give rights

Uganda—Ugandan gay rights advocates appealed for acceptance Friday, saying they face regular abuse by police in a country where being gay is punishable by life in prison. (More)


AMG Brasil Sponsors Contest for ‘Amazônia’

By Joanne Cachapero

El Cerrito, Calif.—Gay production studio Athletic Model Guildis sponsoring a contest to promote the company’s upcoming release of a two-disc set titled “Amazônia: Capture” and “Amazônia: Release.” Fans are invited to visit the movie website and guess the identity of its mysterious leading man. (More)


Legal Battle For Same-Sex Marriage Advances In California

By 365Gay.com Newscenter Staff

San Francisco, Calif.—Attorneys for same-sex couples seeking the right to marry in California on Friday submitted answers to a series of questions posed earlier this year by the state Supreme Court on the legal ramifications of the case. (More)