May 17th, 2019

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Coverboy Mickey Thick of New York City

Mickey Thick of New York City

Our reviews today include: Mickey Thick of New York City,  Ryan Steel of New York City,  Legendary Dave of Washington D.C.,  Click our Coverboy to see today's reviews. (More)

You Know You're Getting Old...

By Daddy

Las Vegas, NV — When your heroes start dying. This week we lost Doris Day, a hero not because of her many wonderful movies but for her amazing compassion for Rock Hudson and her continuing battle against discrimination and intolerance.

We also lost Tim Conway one of the most amazing comics television ever had. To this day you can see many of his amazing skits on google. He was my hero because he was able to cause Carol Burnett crack up with little effor.

Both legs are responding to treatment. Other than needing lost of rest, I'm getting around fairly well. Did the laundry cart and then refilled it for the next pass and thinking: "Maybe mañana."

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Box And Scandal

Underwear Brand Hosts Protest Runway To Fight Unrealistic Male Beauty Standards

By James Besanvalle

London, England — Box & Scandal took to the runway wearing nothing but animal masks and underwear. They also held signs that read: ‘Balls to Perfection’, ‘Make Love Handles Not War’ and ‘Body Shaming is Pants’. (More)

Due to Increasing Tensions, US Forcing Chinese Company to Sell Grindr By 2020

By Staff

Cyberspace — The U.S. government is forcing a Chinese company it doesn't trust to sell the gay dating app Grindr by 2020, according to a report from CNN. (More) Steve Grand - Pink Champagne

Steve Grand Goes from Bubbly to Brooding in His Effervescent Pop Take on Addiction, ‘Pink Champagne’

By Andy Towle

Hollywood — Addiction was a theme tackled by singer-songwriter Steve Grand in the last video off his album Not The End of Me, “Disciple”, and he continues the commentary in “Pink Champagne”, a bubbly pop song whose lyrics ponder the virtues of excess in many forms. (More)

Our Annual Reminder that Barry Manilow Is Gay

By Mathew Rodriguez

Hollywood — It’s been just over two years since 75-year-old music legend Barry Manilow came out of the closet, but he’s back in the news again, so now’s as good a time as ever to remind you that Barry Manilow, your mom’s favorite singer, is Gay. (More) Xavier Ulibarri - Acapulco Shore

This Mexican reality star just came out as bisexual

By David Grant

Mexico — Meet Xavier Ulibarri, a.k.a. “Xavi.” He’s the newest cast member on Acapulco Shore, the Mexican spinoff of MTV’s Jersey Shore. Acapulco Shore is one of the hottest reality shows in Mexico at the moment. Currently in its sixth season, the show is broadcast on MTV Latin America and regularly draws millions of viewers each week. (More)

365 Gay

Cost of HIV Drugs Inflated by Major Pharma Company, Lawsuit Contends

By Trudy Ring

San Francisco, CA — A new lawsuit accuses Gilead Sciences of blocking competition from generic drugs with its branded versions, which are often used in combination medications to fight HIV. (More)

Greg Berlanti & Robbie Rogers

Greg Berlanti and Robbie Rogers Celebrate Arrival of Their Daughter

By Jeff Taylor

Hollywood — Writer, producer, and director Greg Berlanti and husband, and former pro soccer player, Robbie Rogers, have welcomed their second child into the world, a daughter named Mia Barbara Rogers-Berlanti. She was born on Monday, one day after Rogers’ own birthday. (More)